About Us

The HumanMax Corporation is a sister company to the Headstart Group. Here at the company, we are dedicated to inspiring our students to expand their horizons through a lifelong commitment to technology learning. To achieve this, we offer comprehensive curriculums designed to enhance our students’ digital literacy. We combine technology training with enhancing our students’ interpersonal skills (including social skills, teamworking and collaboration). Through focusing on both technology and interpersonal skills coaching, we upskill our students so that they can thrive in the future.

Popular Programme

Our programmes are designed by scientists, engineers and technology specialists from international backgrounds. With practical, interactive and innovative teaching materials, we can offer our students unrivalled learning experiences. Our key areas of focus include:
  • Computer Programming and Algorithmic Thinking
  • Digital Literacy
  • STEM Education
  • Mobile Apps and Game Development
  • Digital Media and Communication

Minecraft E: Coding with Python

Key Programme

Olympiad in Informatics for Talented Youth Programme

Key Programme

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